An Escape


Do you feel like your life, your real life, is passing you by? Do you have this nagging feeling like something is missing? You have this nagging feeling like something is missing because something is missing, a sense of aliveness…adventure…passion.

Whether through pure serendipity, or a determined desire, you have found me and I am so glad that you have. Peeling away the layers of your day, I seek to develop a connection through our sensual exploration of your deepest cravings. I revel in the luxurious and I know that if you’re seeking my company, you do too.

my deep


Escorting has been the most fulfilling, liberating, healing, spiritual experience I have ever had. You gave me the opportunity to experience God in places church told us not to look. 

Thankful to those who see me and accept me. Thankful for those who water me, as I water you in return. Thankful for purposeful, divine, and supportive connections. You feed my spirit and enrich my path.

enjoy the fantasy

The Story

In my life I’m always driven by a desire to uncover the unfamiliar and the exciting – whether that’s the latest exhibition, a new piece of literature – or a new lover, and all of the thrill that comes with discovering someone’s predilections for the first time. I imagine that since you’re here, you also recognise the pure rush of ecstasy that comes from this experience – let’s explore it together.

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