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Fragrance is a story in odor

Me and niche perfumery are not usually on “speaking terms”. The smells of old leather suitcases and unwashed armpits that are supposed to “magically open up on your skin and wrap you up in a cloud of pheromones that will knock over every man nearby” – no thank you.

I approach oud, which is so popular these days, with caution. Sometimes I come across some variants from Mr Tom Ford and Penhaligon’s which I can tolerate. Traditional Arabian oils and vicious oud colognes hurt my lungs.

This verbose prelude is my declaration of love for this fragrance. We were introduced to each other by chance. I was 18 and dating this local boy from the royal family who took me to Sharjah to buy “traditional” presents for my entire family back in Europe. Along with cliches like hookah, pashminas, camel themed souvenirs in all variations (if you thought Vegemite was disgusting, try camel milk!) I bought this cologne.

That’s how we started our decade-long love affair.

For years I’ve been gifting it to men in my life. Boyfriends, grandad, uncles… And when one by one men in my family began to die, and boyfriends were replaced by clients, I started using it myself. 

It’s sexy, dark and strong. When I have it on, I pretty much want to fuck myself all the time. 

People say it gives me the aura for summoning demons lol.

I disagree though. 

I spent early childhood in the countryside surrounded by deep pine, fir, oak and birch trees forests with healthy foliage and vegetation… this is what it reminds me off – nothing demonic about it but green and earthy as mother nature intended.

It’s criminally under-priced but the quality and complexity are exceptional. Sharing this in case you need some inspiration for your special ones this Valentine’s Day. The smell is not for for the faint-hearted.

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