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Why Do Men Go to Escorts

There is a continuous evolution of ecstasy that’s needed to keep human relationships alive and thriving. People crave ecstasy. The reason why a lot of men seek my services is not because they’re just “underfucked”, but because their souls are craving for SOMETHING. They’re craving for MORENESS.

We live in a world that feels rundown and hopeless. Our dreams of finding true romance are scattered about like leaves blown by the wind. Old traditional rules and relationship models have become irrelevant for the times that we’re living in.

People start craving sexual autonomy because they have hit a ceiling in the sensual growth of their relationship. They’re stuck mainly because they don’t know that there is a continuous evolution of ecstasy that’s needed to keep their relationship alive and thriving.

From the beginning of time, we have been developing our ability to live fully. Each generation is capable of living MORE than the preceding generation.

When you truly think about ecstasy, there is something magical that you realise your soul is longing for. It’s like you’re homesick for a place you’ve never been to.

Most men who seek escorts, in my opinion, are simply homesick. They’re haunted by their sensual potential. Their souls are seeking a fuller expression. Sometimes the relationships you have are simply too small for you and cannot hold the sensuality you carry. You want MORE. More experiences. Newer challenges.

Wanting more doesn’t make you ungrateful for what you already have. But it likely means that you’re devoted to the limitless expansion of your sensuality and therefore your ability to birth new desires that hold higher and higher frequencies keep expanding.


If you’re always in touch with your sensuality, you will continuously have an insatiable appetites for “moreness”. You will love with all your heart what you’ve got today and you will be ready for more tomorrow. And the next day. 

Sensuality is a tool for total liberation, spiritually, soulfully and physically. It is a tool for MORENESS, but to someone who is not used to the taste of MORENESS and doesn’t truly understand the concept of true freedom, it would look like complete destruction, loss of good morals, sin.

One of the most amazing “side effects” of my journey  is the discovery of the sensual world. The more I work in the industry, the more I realise that people crave to be desired, overwhelmingly desired. 

The day I decide to retire as an escort, I would love to coach my clients how to master the art of embodying that next level of sensual growth for their relationships to keep growing and thriving.

Being stuck in relationships and marriages that are lifeless and do not excite you is far beneath what we, as humans, deserve.  

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