Elite International Companion
Elite International Companion

I am Katerina and I truly LOVE what I do. In fact, I surrender to my calling. I hope it is apparent when I’m with you. This lifestyle makes me feel carefree, desirable, and receptive. I love embracing my femininity and all that comes with being a woman… and I do get an incredible rush from seducing you with just a look – or touch – and making you want to devour me….

Warm and affectionate, elegant and well travelled, I seek the company of similar type of gentlemen, looking for something more than the standard “service”. I spend most of my time and earnings travelling and exploring the world, and seeking a deeper connection with my spirituality. I’ve been dedicated to discovering what lies beneath this seemingly ordinary world around us for the past seven years. The path has led me to explore sacred sexuality, aural energy, occult sciences and spiritual advancement. 

My intention has always been to surround myself with organic genuine company. I experienced the lap of luxury but I am able to be myself, without airs and graces or trying to be someone I’m not. I believe men who share my mindset of connection and physical enjoyment in life, find fulfilment and comfort in my company. With me, you are required only to be yourself. I love a man who is comfortable in his own skin. Life is simply too short for us to be entangled in doubt and lack of confidence. 

Meeting within a commercialized context does not take away from the fact that our shared moments are meaningful and unique to our connection. Be it an hour or a weekend, you’ll have both my mind and body, to be lost in each other’s company.   

Looking forward to meeting you very soon.