Originally Eastern European but now thoroughly Australianised (for better or for worse), I grew up as an expat kid and was lucky to have experienced many different cultures and places and things. Perhaps that’s what made me hungry for varied adventures and new ways of understanding this world.

At an early age I have often felt separated from other human beings as if something in me had always been different. With a kind heart and a soul wise beyond my age, I am unique. I believe the time we have in life is a gift. The effect we have on others is an asset. It’s simply the way I walk through life. For me, a companionship isn’t a label; it’s a way of life.

I’ve chosen this industry because I love it and I’m good at it. Passion is a second language to me and I feel privileged to speak it. The lifestyle has helped me realise that my sensual and spiritual drive are one and the same. This path has led me to explore tantra, sacred sexuality, energetic healing and spirituality. I am now an accredited Tantra practitioner and strive for experiences of the deeper kind.

I'm forever

obsessed with

nighttime car rides, crushed velvet, theatres, spine kisses, the mountains, first-edition books, vinyl records, handwritten letters, psychology, vedic astrology, the vastness of the universe, looking up a full moon, arthouse films, cats, silver foxes, organ music, vintage Playboy, yin yoga, apple shisha, bellydance, shopping for antiques and rare finds, a search for truth, reading others’ souls.

My intention has always been to surround myself with organic genuine company. I believe men who share my mindset of connection and physical enjoyment in life, find fulfilment and comfort in my company. With me, you are only required to be yourself. I love a man who is comfortable in his own skin. Life is simply too short for us to be entangled in doubt and lack of confidence.

Meeting within a commercialized context does not take away from the fact that our shared moments are meaningful and unique to our connection. I share a personal and sincere relationship with each person that allows me into his life for the reason that spending time with you is so much more than just a casual encounter. I truly hope that in our time we spend together you will find what you are looking for.