Where are you originally from?

I’m of mixed Eastern European & Turkish origins and grew up as an expat child. These days I live as a modern-day nomad splitting my time between Toronto and Sydney. 

What services do you provide?

The only “service” I provide is the opportunity to spend time with a well-rounded woman that you hand-selected. Rest assured, however, that I have an extremely open minded approach to the needs of others. My donations are not based on a crude “activity list” and if you are waiting for me to be a “product” and not a “person” then I appreciate your interest, but we are probably not a match. 

What are you like in bed?

I am both a giver and a receiver. In the space of sexuality I’m keenly aware of everything…every touch, every breath, every hesitation, every aggression, every smell, every taste, every laugh, every scream, every drop of perspiration… To me, sex is sort of a 6th sense.

How old are you?

Timeless 😉

What are your ‘stats’?

I’m 5’3 in height and have a slender petite hourglass body. However, I don’t believe it’s necessary to include my weight or any other sizes in order for us to have a meaningful connection. My photos are 100% genuine, and  I only work with photographers who specialise in realism and use minimal retouching.

How will you be dressed for our date?

I always dress appropriately for the occasion, setting and time of the day. My public image is classy, elegant and discreet – I like to turn heads, not to raise eyebrows!

What are some of your weird or quirky habits?

If you’re alluding to sexual things, I don’t do anything conventionally weird. I have a very spiritual sexuality which goes beyond the physical. I like taking people to cosmic dimensions. It’s not really the meaningless brief relief like a muggle pornstar earthly antics. There’s also a reason I own so many squirt blankets.

Why do you hide your face?

Unfortunately, the world is not ready to recognise the wonders of beautiful companions. The niche of men I cater to would not like to be seen in public with that girl from Twitter

How did you get into this?

I know how cliche that sounds, but growing up, I’ve always had a desire to dispel taboos. I knew I was never going to be too “well behaved”. I recall watching Disney movies and wanting to emulate Jasmine and Jessica Rabbit. Physical attraction, sexual dynamics, and the salacious corners of intimate life have bewitched me for as long as I can remember. Consciously, I left a promising career in health to explore this path. 

Your favourite hobby?

Anything that involves being naked. I love reading books, being in nature, spontaneous adventures, fine dining. Anything artsy. Exploring the deepest recesses of my psyche. I’ve just enrolled into tennis lessons also (determined to learn and look fabulous in a white pleated mini skirt!)

What is your idea of happiness?

A life full of experiences and people to experience them with. Tons of memories to look back on that make you smile and remind you when you have been at your happiest. Having these memories will last a lifetime.