Elite International Companion
Elite International Companion

Where are you originally from?

My heritage is a mixed Eastern European/ Turkish. I have lived all over the world because my family were expatriates. I moved to Australia right after high school (still very much European girl at heart 😉). 

What services do you provide?

The only “service” I provide is the opportunity to spend time with a well-rounded woman that you hand-selected. I’m a natural entertainer and like my dates to be organic. I would love to get to know you as a person and see where our desires take us. My donations are not based on a crude “activity list” and if you are waiting for me to be a “product” and not a “person” then I appreciate your interest, but please understand we are not a match. I know I sound a bit full of myself, but I can assure I am super down to earth. I just know I am very good at my job. Why? Because I genuinely LOVE what I do. 

What are you like in bed?

I am both a giver and a receiver. In the space of sexuality I’m keenly aware of everything…every touch, every breath, every hesitation, every aggression, every smell, every taste, every laugh, every scream, every drop of perspiration… To me, sex is sort of a 7th sense.

Are you into kinks/fetishes/BDSM?

Most of the sex I have is vanilla. But I do enjoy a submissive role from time to time and I can’t resist surrendering to someone experienced who can alter my sexual perception and help me enhance my own pleasure. While I thrive on showing people who’s the boss in my “real” life, my domineering nature softens as I curl under the sheets 😉

Why haven’t you responded to my booking request?

Most likely because your text/email were explicit, vague, or not a serious inquiry.  My selection process is based on your approach, your willingness to put effort into a proper message, and my intuition. 

How will you be dressed for our date?

I always dress appropriately for the occasion and setting. My personal style is classy and I never appear indiscrete – I like to turn heads, not to raise eyebrows 😉

Can I express wishes regarding a specific outfit?

If you have a specific outfit in mind, please send an e-voucher for your chosen store. I can then make a purchase and wear it exclusively for you on our date.

Do you see couples?

Sometimes. I love playing with couples and connecting with the feminine but only do so when I’m confident that both parties are EQUALLY eager to be there. If that’s you, wonderful, I can’t wait to hear from you.

Why do you hide your face?

Unfortunately, the world is not ready to recognise the wonders of beautiful companions. The niche of men I cater to would not like to be seen in public with someone who can be easily identified via the Internet.’

How did you get into this?

I know how cliche that sounds, but growing up, I’ve always had a desire to dispel taboos. I knew I was never going to be too “well behaved”. I recall watching Disney movies and wanting to emulate Jessica Rabbit. Physical attraction, sexual dynamics, and the salacious corners of intimate life have bewitched me for as long as I can remember. Consciously, I left a promising career in health to explore this path. This was a wonderful decision and to this day, I still have admiration for this field.

What is your idea of happiness?

A life full of experiences and people to experience them with. Tons of memories to look back on that make you smile and remind you when you have been at your happiest. Having these memories will last a lifetime.