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passions tribute

My companionship style leans towards holistic, with an emphasis on deep and meaningful connections. I prioritise longer dates that foster an environment where genuine passion and relaxation can flourish.

Rendezvous Durations:

  • Escape | 2 Hours | 2000$
  • Tryst | 3 Hours | 3000$
  • Shall We Dine | 4 Hours | 3500$
  • A Flash of Infinity | 6 Hours | 4500$
  • Overnight Bliss | 14 Hours | 7000$
  • All dates are inclusive for couples seeking a ménage à trois

My minimum engagement time is 2 hours. If you must depart early (which I most certainly hope you won’t), the above rates apply.

All payment is recognized as a gift solely for my time

travel excursions

I travel the globe extensively and I am always eager to add more stamps to my passport. Don’t be shy about just asking.


  • 24 Hours / $10,000
  • 48 Hours / $15,000
  • 72 Hours /  $20,000

I may be available to meet in your city for dates 14 hours or longer, inquire for details.

I could be available for extended dates and travel excursionsDetails.

Rates are the same in North America, Australia & Europe


Rates for extended dates vary based on the length of the trip

i’ll book my flight and include that amount in my final rate

a non-refundable deposit of 25% will be required


ready to make a date?

In my life I’m always driven by a desire to uncover the unfamiliar and the exciting – whether that’s the latest exhibition, a new piece of literature – or a new lover, and all of the thrill that comes with discovering someone’s predilections for the first time. I imagine that since you’re here, you also recognise the pure rush of ecstasy that comes from this experience – let’s explore it together.

I’m of mixed Eastern European & Turkish origins and grew up as an expat child. These days I live as a modern-day nomad dividing my time primarily between Sydney and Toronto (along with other far-flung destinations).

The only “service” I provide is the opportunity to spend time with a well-rounded woman that you hand-selected. Rest assured, however, that I have an extremely open minded approach to the needs of others. My style is very femme fatale, although I can be a cute little flower when need be. My donations are not based on a crude “activity list” and if you are waiting for me to be a “product” and not a “person” then I appreciate your interest, but we are not a match.

Timeless 😉


I’m 5’3 in height and have a slender hourglass body. However, I don’t believe it’s necessary to include my weight or any other sizes in order for us to have a meaningful connection. My photos are 100% genuine, and  I only work with photographers who specialise in realism and use minimal retouching.


I always dress appropriately for the occasion, setting and time of the day. My public image is classy, elegant and discreet – I like to turn heads, not to raise eyebrows! You’re more than welcome to give me a generalized wardrobe direction to work with within my own closet. If you have a specific outfit request, please send an e-voucher for your chosen store. I can then make a purchase and wear it exclusively for you!

If you’re alluding to sexual things, I don’t do anything conventionally weird. I have a very spiritual sexuality which goes beyond the physical. I like taking people to cosmic dimensions. It’s not really the meaningless brief relief like a muggle pornstar earthly antics. There’s also a reason I own so many squirt blankets.


I know how cliche that sounds, but growing up, I’ve always had a desire to dispel taboos. I knew I was never going to be too “well behaved”. I recall devouring gothic stories and romances in which women were adventurous, and had the same capacity for darker impulses as men. Physical attraction, sexual dynamics, and the salacious corners of intimate life have bewitched me for as long as I can remember. Consciously, I left a promising career in health to explore this path. 


Anything that involves being naked. I love reading books, being in nature, spontaneous adventures, fine dining. Anything artsy. Exploring the deepest recesses of my psyche. I’ve just enrolled into tennis lessons also (determined to learn and look fabulous in a white pleated mini skirt!)

A life full of experiences and people to experience them with. Tons of memories to look back on that make you smile and remind you when you have been at your happiest. Having these memories will last a lifetime.

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