Bookings within Australia require your full name, polite introductory message and a deposit that needs to be cleared in my account prior to our date. 


All bookings outside Australia require you to be verified. 

For screening, choose one of the following options:

  • Provider References

A minimum of 2 active and reputable provider references in the form of their name and email address. Reputable providers are those who are known to me, have a website (not just an ad), and have an established social media page. No “under the radar” ladies with no website or verification will be accepted as a reference. If you have never seen a companion before, please read on to the next section.

  • Photo ID + Blank email sent from your company work account. I have an unpublished discreet email address to send to, if needed. Your email address must be connected to a domain, not a Gmail, Yahoo etc.
  • Photo ID + LinkedIn (with clear photo displayed and 400+ connections) 
  • Photo ID + Online work profile on company website displaying name and photo 

You can cover your personal details on your ID, with the exception of name, photo and birthday details.

I assure you that no one will see your screening details aside from myself. While my assistant may respond to you during the initial booking process, I do not let anyone handle my clients’ personal information. All screening information will be deleted once you have been verified.

NDAs can be discussed for cases in which it is deemed truly necessary.


Instant – Anytime

  • Direct bank transfer
  • Osko. If your bank uses Osko, you can instantly send me the payment. Osko operates from within your internet banking login, so simply select the Osko option when making a bank transfer. 
  • The Beem It app. Instant and anonymous. For Australian clients with local bank accounts
  • Smart ATM Cash Deposit

200 CAD deposit via e-transfer

For deposits outside Canada & Australia, I accept Qantas & AirCanada giftcards.